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New entrance hall, butler and dialogue stuff

So, it’s been a busy month and a bit! First things first, the new entrance hall has been implemented. Unfortunately it took a lot longer to do than anticipated (So many stairs and railings to unwrap), but I think I managed to get the look I was going for, which was mostly ‘large and decadent’. […]

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New lighting, animation and character

Okay, so work on the new character is done! He may look incredibly similar to the old one, but he’s had his proportions tweaked, a couple of rough edges smoothed out, and also he’s been separated into multiple pieces in order to facilitate changing costumes further down the line. Also with the new model came […]

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Oh whoa, I have a blog?

So one of the things I’ve learned about indie development is: finding the time to do blog posts is hard. While I haven’t been updating the site, work has been progressing rather nicely. The project that I’m working on is codenamed ‘Mystery’ at the moment, and it’s going to be a randomly generated murder mystery. […]

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Website finally up!

Took me long enough, but who knew that contract programmers were in high demand? Everyone but me, it seems! So Ironworks is officially a-go. Licences purchased, hardware bought, workspace set up, graveyard of coffee cups established. So who are you, and what are you doing here? I’m Nick, guy that likes games and pretty much everything to do with […]

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